Home Inspection

Prospective homeowners near West Bend have the option to obtain a Trained Home Inspector to examine a property before or after they make their offers. When you turn to me at Ground To Gable Home Inspections, I’ll let you know if anything’s amiss with a property before you commit to a purchase.

From an unsteady foundation to radon contamination, many issues could potentially exist that may affect your satisfaction with your home purchase, and I’ll warn you about any that I find. My intention is to be your “Extra Set of Eyes” on your potential purchase. I’m fully independent, which means that I can give you an accurate and honest evaluation of any residence. Clients enjoy working with me because of my:

  • Punctual, professional service
  • Speedy responses
  • Thorough Evaluations
  • 24-hour turnarounds
  • Honest Nature
  • Commitment to Clients
  • Range of Services
  • Flexible Payment options

The next time you find yourself about to buy a house near West Bend, WI, (click “About Us” for service area) enlist Ground To Gable Home Inspections to perform a thorough assessment first. Contact me today to arrange for an inspection or a testing service. I’m a home inspector who’s a member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.



Home Evaluations

A home evaluation is less formal than a standard Home Inspection. This option gives clients an opportunity to have the inspector walk through the home while making observations and offering recommendations. There are no written reports or pictures. This non invasive walkthrough does not include the use of any trade tools or ladders. This is an ideal option for current homeowners that are hoping to better understand some deferred maintenance items on their home. It also can assist them in preparing their home before putting it on the market. Also, homebuyers may be able to utilize this service prior to putting an offer in on a home.


Radon Inspections and Tests

“Radon is no laughing matter; if any of this dangerous substance is present at your property, then it’s essential that you engage a radon removal company as soon as possible. Ground To Gable Home Inspections in West Bend, WI, can test for this threat. Our Testing Monitors ( DISCOVER BREEZE ) are placed in the home for over 48 hours, and provide an instant digital read-out of the Radon Levels that are present. For more information on Radon see https://www.epa.gov/radon


Water Quality Sampling/ Analysis

Samples taken onsite by inspector, and analyzed by PriorityLab . Results are published within two days of the samples being taken. Samples will be analyzed for: Total Coliform, E-coli, Nitrates and Lead. Testing procedures and handling/ shipping of samples is conducted according to lab specifications. This service typically fulfills VA and FHA loan requirements.


Environmental Testing

Visible surface swabbing and Air Quality tests are conducted to determine if various molds or bacteria are present. Analysis is conducted by PriorityLab and results are published within two days from time of testing. Testing procedures and handling/ shipping of samples is conducted according to lab specifications. We do not collect samples for the purpose of detecting lead, asbestos, Chinese drywall, or any other substances/ materials. 




Conscientious and Reliable

I realize that any errors on my part could affect the well-being of you and those you care about, so clients can count on me to deliver measurable results. I, Michael Christian, personally conduct all necessary work myself. Clients in the area can trust that I’ll complete every assignment in line with industry best practices in a timely fashion and with clear and concise language.